Mahesh Makani

Work Experience

The Guardian

Senior Software Developer | April 2022 - Present | London, UK

Full Stack Software Engineer | September 2019 - April 2022 | London, UK

Identity Team

Member of the Identity team who manage the sign-in and registration systems at The Guardian. Key results include identifying and creating features to increase the scale and experience of signed in users, improving the health of the identity system by implementing modern security recommendations, and migrating legacy systems to a modern codebase.

I have been featured in an engineering blog post where I reflect on my career and experience at the Guardian to date.


TypeScript, React.js, Node.js, Scala, PostgreSQL, VCL
AWS, Fastly, GitHub

Net Natives

Software Developer | September 2015 - September 2019 | Brighton/Portsmouth, UK


Edurank is the source for social media analytics in the education sector. Institutions use Edurank to view their social activity as well as their competitors’ to benchmark themselves against the sector. The paid for Enterprise SaaS version allows institutions to get a deep dive into their data by comparing their social media metrics down to an hours granularity against any number of competitors and sectors.

The client side uses Angular JS to build the application which connects to an API server built using Express.js with a MongoDB database. I am the lead software developer on Edurank, and worked on the full stack, developing much of the client and server side, as well as any backend applications such as workers and databases.


AngularJs (1.X), Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, Redis
Heroku, AWS

Other Work

Alongside leading the development of Edurank, I’ve worked on a number of projects within Natives. Some notable projects are described below.


Akero is used by education marketers to convert more student enquires into enrollments. A unique combination of features that creates the perfect advertising infrastructure. So we can track and report on all the data that matters, from impressions to the individual whilst improving conversions through personalisation and A/B testing.

One of the main components I've contributed to the product is a “Social Performance Analytic” feature, allowing our users to compare social media statistics from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for themselves and their competitors.

Netsuite (SuiteScript)

Extending functionality of the NetSuite CRM using it’s SuiteScript platform and integrating that within internal processes.

Google Apps Script & AdWords Script

I used Google Adwords Scripting to improve the workflows of, and provide more information to, our Paid Media Specialists and Advertising Technicians within our company.

Working with Google Apps Scripts to again integrate internal workflows with the Google cloud infrastructure (Google Drive/Sheets/Docs etc.), such as creating an app which syncs data between our CRM and Google Drive.