Mahesh Makani

Personal Experience

Fight Lab Brighton

November 2017 - Present | Brighton, UK

Habrewken - Brighton Fighting Game Community

I've been a member of the Fighting Game Community since 2012. I partake in, and help run events which promote the social and competitive nature of fighting games such as Street Fighter, Tekken, Blazblue etc. I also help co-run events in Brighton. The Brighton Fighting Game Community Website and Resource is a one stop shop for every event and tournament we’ve ever run. As well as statistics on players and games that we play.

This was a major passion project, and a love letter to specifically the Brighton Fighting Game Community. It primarily uses React.js on the client side, and uses Redux to maintain the global state making it really easy to manipulate data around the website. Using the awesome Challonge API (the platform we use to manage the tournaments) we can get information on every tournament we’ve ever run, down to every round in a game that has been played. This was implemented on our open server API based on Express.js to combine all this information together.


React.js, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js
DigitalOcean, CapRover, Docker, Nginx, Cloudflare

Bracketor for Challonge

December 2015 - March 2016

App Development

A mobile app communicating with the Challonge API making it easy to manage tournaments on a phone. The idea came about due to the open nature of the Challonge API, and the fact that the frontend of the Challonge website was not mobile friendly when I had begun work on this (circa 2016). Since then though the Challonge website has massively improved their mobile view making this app redundant and have since taken it down from the App Store and Google Play Store, but at the time this was a very useful app to work on and use.


Ionic, Angular.Js, Cordova
Android SDK, iOS SDK